4 Ways To Use Our Sauce Mixes With Pasta

in May 31, 2024

Although our tuna pasta bake and spaghetti carbonara sauce mixes are made especially for pasta, it doesn’t mean that our other sauces can’t also double up as fantastic pasta sauces in their own right… 

After all, sometimes we just need a bit of pasta. Whether it’s penne, spaghetti, tagliatelle, or fusilli, there are few things that come close to the comfort and pure deliciousness of a pasta dish! So of course we want you to enjoy your pasta in as many ways, and in as many varieties, as possible — and that being said, here are some suggestions for utilising our other sauces for this delicious purpose… 

Chilli tomato pasta

Tomato pasta is one of the most classic and simplistic pasta dishes you can make. It’s quick, delicious, and an eternal crowd pleaser. For a Thornleys variation (with a bit of a kick), simply make a batch of our chilli con carne sauce mix and toss it with your favourite pasta. Done!

Summertime tagliatelle 

For those rare and wonderful sunnier days, grab yourself a pack of gluten-free tagliatelle and serve it with our  parsley sauce mix. Don’t forget to add a sprinkle of black pepper, a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, and a handful of chopped parsley. Eat al fresco (when it’s hot enough) and bask in the summer vibes!

Cheddar cheese pasta bake

Our cheddar cheese sauce mix doubles as a wonderfully comforting pasta bake base. To keep it simple, just mix the sauce with your pasta, grate in some fresh cheese, add a few splashes of our Worcester style sauce, and bake until golden.

Creamy cracked peppercorn and mushroom stroganoff

If your fancying something rich, creamy, and very satisfying, try frying up a few handfuls of mushrooms in butter and garlic and mixing them with our cracked peppercorn sauce mix. Then simply serve over gluten-free tagliatelle (or whichever pasta shapes you fancy, really). For a bit of extra depth and umami, you can also pour in a few drops of gluten-free soy sauce or our Worcester style sauce. Lovely!

Get creative!

There are lots of ways to use our sauce mixes beyond the packet instructions. If you want some more inspiration, why not have a look at these 5 cosy and comforting cheese sauce recipes? 

Photo by Lgh_9.