Seasonal Foods And What To Do With Them: May (updated 2024)

in May 3, 2024

Photo by Eneida Nieves.

Well, it’s another month, and that means more seasonal fruit and vegetables to enjoy! Here’s our roundup of some of the best produce to grab in May…



Generally, there’s no denying the wonder of asparagus (well, if you like it of course…). But it’s very hard to beat the quality and taste of seasonally-picked asparagus. The season is very brief, running from May until July. So if you’re a fan of this green wonder, now’s the time to get eating!

Recipe idea: roast asparagus.



Blackcurrants are another short season wonder, running again (according to BBC Good Food’s seasonal calendar) from May until July. This makes blackcurrants a truly special fruit for those early summer days.

Recipe ideas: blackcurrant jam, blackcurrant marscapone cheesecake.



Surely, strawberry season must be one of the most anticipated food events of the year? What in the world is more delightful than that first bite of that first strawberry of the year? It’s not quite in full swing yet, but it’s getting there. So keep those strawberry sensors on the lookout.

Recipe ideas: easy strawberry mousse, strawberry tart.



Described by the BBC as looking like “a petite feathery version of flatleaf parsley”, Chervil is a herb with a “sweet aniseed” flavour. It might be that you’ve never heard of it before. It might be that you already love it. Either way, it’s in season now so why not give it a try?

Recipe idea: Tom Kerridge’s Hardcore Coleslaw.



Get them while they’re green. Peas are everybody’s friend. Part of the legume family, they’re packed with nutrients, including vitamin A and vitamin K. Peas are of course available all-year-round in their frozen form. But now is the start of their peak season and, like most other things, it’s always best to eat them fresh!

Recipe ideas: pea soup, pea puree, asparagus and pea saute


There’s just so much to be said for celeriac. It’s versatile, tasty, and so easy to get hold of. Don’t be put off by its bumpy, knobbly exterior — under the skin celeriac is lovely and sweet and, when done right, extremely delicious!

Recipe ideas: celeriac steak (this recipe contains mustard, so for a gluten-free version be sure to check the label when buying!), simple roasted celeriac, celeriac soup.


Eating seasonal 

For more information on seasonal eating, you can take a look at these fantastic resources: Eat The Seasons (a wonderfully simple website with week-to-week updates on what’s in season in the uk), and Eat Seasonably (another simple and informative resource, featuring a brilliant seasonal food wheel). Fresh View Foods seasonality calendar is also brilliant as it provides specific details on the seasonality of UK-grown foods.