Seasonal Foods (And What To Do With Them): December

in Dec 14, 2023

So here it is. Merry Christmas. Everybody’s eating food. And though the food at this time of year tends to be (let’s face it) less fruit and veg and more. . . well, chocolate and sweets. We still need to get in that five a day.

So, with that said, we’ll go ahead and complete this year’s series on seasonal foods by bringing you some of December’s best produce.

Enjoy, and Merry Christmas!

Brussels sprouts

We can’t not mention brussels on a December seasonal foods list, can we? These divisive green wonders are a Christmas dinner staple and, love them or loathe them, they are of course in season at the moment.

Recipe idea: sizzled sprouts with pistachios and pomegranate.


Another Christmassy classic. Sweet and tangy, clementines bring a wonderful touch of colour and vibrancy to the colder months. They’re versatile, too. So you can use them in all sorts of recipes, from cheesecakes to salads (or just eat them on their own, of course).

Recipes ideas: clementine posset (substitute shortbread for gluten-free version), clementine cake.


For leek and potato soup alone, it deserves a mention on our list. Leeks are currently in season, and we think they’re just lovely. From soups to

Recipe ideas: gluten-free quiche, leek and potato soup.

Mince Pies

OK, we’re cheating. But in our defence, although you can’t grow mince pies in the garden, they are, technically, in season right now. . . So we thought, why not!

You don’t need any recipes for this one. It’s just the choice between hot and cold, with our without cream — but we’ll leave that debate to you.

Happy eating and Merry Christmas!

Eating seasonal

For more information on seasonal eating, you can take a look at these fantastic resources: Eat The Seasons (a wonderfully simple website with week-to-week updates on what’s in season in the uk), and Eat Seasonably (another simple and informative resource, featuring a brilliant seasonal food wheel).

Photo by Pixabay.