The Good Guide To Gluten-Free Scones (With A Few Plant-Based Options For Good Measure)

in Nov 30, 2023

Photo by Sarah Kilian.

It’s time to talk about scones. We love them. The nation loves them. You probably love them. They’re the quintessential British teatime treat. And with summer on the horizon, the season of cream-tea-in-the-garden will soon be upon us.

So we thought we’d put together a mini guide to the world of gluten-free scones. It includes some supermarket picks, a few recipes, and a couple of great options for plant-based eaters. So (hopefully) you’ll never have to worry about scones again, whatever your dietary needs!


Store-bought scones


First up is the nice and simple stuff. Store-bought scones, pre-baked and ready to eat. Here’s a little list below of where in the UK you can find the good stuff:



If you’d prefer to make your gluten-free scones at home, then here are some simple recipes to try:

Plus a couple of plant-based options:


Gluten-free afternoon tea


Now, aside from the store-bought and homemade options there’s also the question of a full, fancy, sit-down afternoon tea. Because sometimes nothing beats the real in-person tearoom experience. So below we’ve shared a few places in different parts of the country where you’ll find gluten-free options:


Bake, eat, and be happy


For more tasty gluten-free baking ideas, why not take a look at these 7 Glorious Gluten-Free Cake Recipes For Any Occasion.