5 Glorious Gluten-Free Blogs

in Nov 30, 2023

Photo by Photo by Miguel Á. Padriñán.

Living a gluten-free lifestyle isn’t always simple. And finding suitable recipes, ingredients, and helpful resources can sometimes be a challenge. On our own blog we try to offer as much valuable and useful information on gluten-free living as possible. But of course we’re only one resource among many.

So today we thought we’d share some other fabulous blogs out there that are perfect for anyone following, or just generally interested in, a gluten-free lifestyle.


The Gluten Free Blogger


From the about page: [Sarah Howells is] a UK-based food blogger and cookbook author who writes about coeliac disease and life on a gluten free diet.”


Gluten Free Cuppa Tea (Becky Excell)


From the website: “Inspired by years of missing out on all of my favourite foods, I decided to share recipes for all the things I couldn’t eat on a gluten-free diet.”

Highlight: white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake bites.


Coeliac Sanctuary


From the website: “Here at Coeliac Sanctuary we make it our aim to offer more than just a gluten free blog. Fancy something different? We have plenty of gluten free recipes which are tried and tested by our owner Alison. Eating out? Let us help you find places to safely eat as a Coeliac with our ‘Where to eat’ guide which is full of places recommended by you, our audience. Going abroad? We have our shop where you can buy translation cards aimed at making eating out with a language barrier easier and safer along with many more useful items for kids and adults alike.”

Highlight: their eating out guide.


Gluten Free on a Shoestring


From the website: “Gluten-free food is really expensive. And if you’re in the 99%, cost matters to you. Gluten-Free on a Shoestring helps make feeding your family a gluten-free diet enjoyable — and affordable.”

Highlight: Gluten Free Mac and Cheese.


Gluten Free Alice


From the website: “I’m Alice, a gluten and dairy free food blogger and recipe creator living just outside of London in the UK. My aim is to show that being gluten and dairy free doesn’t have to mean missing out, and theres still so much delicious food you can eat! On this website you will find plenty of recipes, bakes, meal ideas, supermarket finds and guides to help you on your gluten and dairy free eating journey.”

Highlight: Gluten free and dairy free guide to Amsterdam.


Reading, learning, cooking!


Whether it’s our blog or one of the above, it’s always good to keep learning about the gluten-free lifestyle. For more great guides, check out our tips on making better gluten-free bread, or have a listen to these 4 great podcasts for all things gluten free.