@ThornleysNF #gluten free and in a hurry, these are good and speedy too x

Caroline Quentin – Coeliac UK Patron

Tonight my kids wanted their favourite tea: tuna and pasta bake, but I was pushed for time to make a gluten free white sauce from scratch, so I used the carbonara sauce mix. It was delicious. My kids said it was the best tuna pasta ever. Very versatile sauce mixes with a long shelf life. Highly recommend trying them…


We got to try this delicious packet mix last week and we can honestly say Thornleys are definitely on the top end of the spectrum when it comes to packet mix sauces…It’s perfect whether you can cook or not, it’s so simple there isn’t really anything that can go wrong with it… it is very tasty, though we did find the mustard came through a lot so if you’re not a big fan of the taste of mustard you might want to bypass it however it does add a lot to the flavour of a simple dish. We certainly recommend it for anyone of any age, it would be a great dish to feed the kids after a long day at work with it being so quick to make!

Coeliac Sanctuary

Just tried the creamy chicken and herb sauce mix. Absolutely delicious. It’s the first time my daughter ate chicken without winging! Will certainly be buying again!


Essential staples for your store cupboard – entirely natural and delicious.


On the whole, I was very impressed. The flavours were mild and pleasant – you could easily serve the chilli con carne to a child without worrying that it would blow their head off with the spice. The sauces did not clump together, and cooked up very nice & smoothly. Although they all contain milk (except for the chilli mix), instead of adding extra milk I substituted almond milk, which worked just as well…

The Happy Coeliac

I like cooking meals from scratch. It gives me a peculiar sense of self-satisfaction. But the truth is, I normally can’t be bothered. Thankfully Thornleys Gluten Free have arrived to solve this quandary for me, with some magical, easy-as-pie sauces…Chilli Con Carne I love a chilli con carne, but it can sometimes be a bit tricky to get the spices exactly right. With this spice mix there’s absolutely no concentration (or cooking ability) required! You just mix it with water, whack it into the pan with your mince, tomatoes & kidney beans and wait for it to bubble into something beautiful. And it really does – thick, spicy, rich and comforting. Perfect winter food, and great for midweek meals!

The Celeriac

Just back from a week in the sun. Stashed a Thornleys chicken sauce mix in my case for a quick meal. Lovely!

East Lancashire Coeliac Group

Last night we tried out the Thornleys Tuna pasta mix and we all loved it! I used it to make a tuna lasagne and it worked really well. The mixes are a great idea and taste great – I think anyone will love them whether they are gluten free or not!


To finish it off, I decided to serve the portions with a little of the Thornleys gluten free Worcester sauce on top. In hindsight, I think I might have added this into the sauce to add a little tang…I was really impressed with this gluten free tuna pasta bake. It took me right back to my childhood and it was pretty simple if you want an easier option than making a gluten free white sauce. I used full fat milk in mine to make it extra creamy!

The Gluten Free Blogger

The quality and diversity of the individual recipe mixes is extraordinary – and makes singling out just one sauce an almost impossible decision. However, because of its sheer simplicity (just add 300ml milk and bring to the boil) and subtle balance of flavours, Thornley’s Parsley Sauce does deserve a special mention. Light and creamy with the fresh taste of parsley and a hint of lemon, it’s difficult enough to find a parsley sauce that hasn’t been thickened with flour and yet this easy, gluten-free version offers proper restaurant-quality cooking in minutes.


I am not usually a fan of packet or jarred sauces always preferring to make my own. What a great surprise I had when I used one of yours…they are delicious. Like many I am a busy working mum… So, Thornleys sauces for me are a great cheat. They are made with natural ingredients, are delicious, and are a great timesaver.