Essential Gluten-Free And Plant-Based Christmas Food Shopping Tools

in Nov 30, 2023

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It’s that time of year again. Christmas is coming, and there’s only one thing to do: stock up. But if you’re following a gluten-free or plant-based diet it can sometimes be difficult to know what’s what. Which seasonal treats can you eat, and which should you steer clear of?

In today’s post we’re going to walk you through a few very helpful tools and resources that make shopping with a dietary requirement a little easier in the holiday season.

Just remember that it’s always good practice to check the labels as well – especially if you’re unsure.


Gluten Free Food Checker App

The first tool, and it’s a fantastic one, is Coeliac UK’s Gluten Free Food Checker App. One of its major plus points is that it comes with a barcode scanner and, according to the website, has information on nearly 200,000 food products. So it’s a really handy resource to carry around with you. Just grab something off the shelf, give it a scan, and the app should let you know whether or not it’s Coeliac-safe.


Vegan Scan

The next one’s for those looking plant-based and vegan-friendly items. It’s called Vegan Scan and, for all intents and purposes, it’s the same as above but with a vegan twist!

Again, this could prove to be an incredibly time-saving tool, especially as the supermarkets are becoming more hectic.


Helpful blogs

Of course, another option is to do a good old-fashioned bit of homework. Find out what’s suitable and what’s not before you head out to do your Christmas sweet shopping. If that’s the approach you’d rather take, then it might be worth checking out The Gluten Free Blogger and Jessica’s Gluten Free Kitchen, both of which have recently updated articles listing gluten-free Christmas chocolates and treats.

And for a plant-based list, take a look at The Goodness Project. Alternatively, you could also browse through The Vegan Kind’s extensive online vegan Christmas selection.


Bring on the festivities

Hopefully these resources will be of benefit to you as we get closer to the holiday period. It can easily become overwhelming when you’re shopping for a specific dietary requirement, especially if it’s on behalf of a family member or friend. So having a few helpful tools at your disposal really can make all the difference.

Just remember to keep in mind the golden rule: when in doubt, double check. And if you’re really unsure, then sometimes it’s safer to simply put it back on the shelf. There are plenty of gluten-free and vegan options out there these days, so there’s really no need to take the risk! Of course, you can also check out our range of sauces which would all make perfect additions to your gluten-free Christmas shopping list!