6 Delectable Risotto Recipes

in Nov 30, 2023

Photo by Alesia Kozik.

Risotto is one of those meals. One of those meals. The kind you just can’t go wrong with. Comforting, cosy, satisfying, and rich. A good risotto is a wonderful thing. What’s more, risotto rice is naturally gluten free, so it makes a great home-cooking option for those following a gluten-free lifestyle. (Quick note: whilst risotto is almost always gluten free, it’s worth double-checking if you’re ordering it in a restaurant, as gluten can sometimes creep into the recipe. Take a look at this helpful article for more details.)

So, for those looking to add a bit of risotto into the weekly meal rotation, here are 6 fabulously tasty recipes to try!

 Asparagus, pea, and 3 cheese risotto from Coeliac UK. (If you fancy being a bit adventurous, you could always experiment by replacing the cheese in this recipe with a Cheddar Cheese Sauce)

 Vegan mushroom risotto by Wallflower Kitchen.

 Lemony risotto with fresh herbs & garlic by Minimalist Baker.

 Gluten free pea, lemon, and thyme risotto by The Gluten Free Blogger.

 Pea and goat’s cheese risotto by Jamie Oliver.

 Vegan beetroot risotto by The Pesky Vegan.

 Asparagus, mint, and lemon risotto by Jamie Oliver.


Some handy risotto tips


Once you get the hang of the method, risotto is a surprisingly simple dish to put together. But if you’re still feeling a little daunted, then here’s a helpful video on how to make your risotto perfect every time!

Italian kitchen


Risotto is just one of the many delicious and fabulous creations to come from the Italian kitchen. For more Italian-themed recipes, take a look at these gluten-free pizza recipes and these super simple spaghetti dishes!