10 Romantic Recipes For A Gluten-Free Valentine’s

in Nov 30, 2023

Photo by Karolina Grabowska.

If there’s one thing we can all surely agree on, it’s that Valentine’s Day calls for good food. Because it seems that no matter what you’re into – red roses, chocolates, cheesy poems, or non of the above – a day of romance demands a special kind of culinary effort. The best part? You don’t even need the romance, really. Single or spoken for, we all need food. So come February 14th, we can all light up a candle or two and get cooking.

And in the spirit of leaving no one out, we thought we’d share some gluten-free Valentine’s Day-friendly recipes so that everyone, regardless of relationship status or dietary requirements, can have a lovely evening.

 This beetroot risotto because red is, of course, the colour of love.
 This strawberry chocolate tart, because what’s more Valentine’s Day than strawberries and chocolate?
– This chocolate n’ice cream for something decadent but healthy.
 This caramel apple granola, because a good Valentine’s Day begins with a good breakfast!
– This spaghetti bolognese, for something simple and classic.
 This vegan chocolate avocado pie, for more chocolate…
 This panna cotta, because it’s panna cotta.
 These pork loin chops with fig sauce, because figs are romantic, right?
 This creamy cracked peppercorn over steak, for those seeking a more high-end kind of Valentine’s.
 This salmon pasta, for the fish lover in your life.

Of course, these recipes aren’t just for Valentine’s Day, and they’re certainly not your only options, but we think they’re a good starting point! For more general recipes, take a look at our blog page where you’ll find everything from winter soups to spaghetti carbonara.